Best ERP software solution for Construction Industry

As per a McKinsey report, US$ 57 trillion will be required in the infrastructure sector by 2030 to keep up with the growth of global GDP. Best Construction Management Software can help construction industry personnel to improve their productivity with the effective use of their time. Conventional software or manual processes in the construction industry can become growth hurdles for construction businesses in the future. Process automation through ERP will transform the way businesses operate in the years to come.


Importance of data in the construction industry

An enormous amount of data is generated in the construction industry on a daily basis. Businesses are managing this data with ERP for construction. Mumbai is a booming city with several infrastructure projects.

Take, for example, a construction site for an upcoming residential building or a corporate park in Mumbai. There will be several contractors and sub-contractors running the project. For a construction company, keeping track of each and every document submitted by the vendors and other stakeholders can be tedious.

In the construction industry, managing the budget and taking care of payments from time to time needs to be systematic. Payment glitches can lead to chaos and more issues on the project site. Also, data is exchanged for managing the construction projects to ensure that the project is running as per schedule. ERP software solutions help construction businesses to improve workforce performance, manage risks, control budgets and track project progress.

Automated processes also help in timely payment to vendors and for timely resolution of issues by escalation through the right channels. Intelligent ERP solutions provide data insights with advanced analytics which help project owners to come up with impactful decisions for creating better project plans.


Shifting to better processes takes time

If you are a legacy business, you may be looking for a complete process change. You may already have a process in place but to keep up with the times, you need to transform your business processes across boundaries. A centralized ERP software which can help you to manage your local and global projects seamlessly is what you may be seeking.

As a growing business, you may be receiving new projects and there is a situation that has emerged wherein you need a more structured process to manage your projects to prepare for the expected exponential growth. There may be specific problems such as tracking the progress of your projects or improving the co-ordination between teams.

In a construction company, there are core divisions such as Engineering, Accounts, HR, Supply Chain and more. Instead of using a number of different software to co-ordinate with personnel across teams, a centralized ERP platform saves time by giving real-time information to the authorised users so that your business runs smoothly. All the data from various departments will be available in a structured manner through a single database. Paperless documentation can be achieved wholly or as per the business’ needs.

With the help of cloud-based ERP solutions, construction site updates can be updated as well as accessed by project team across borders using handheld devices. Equipment and materials on the site can be ordered, moved and tracked effectively with integrated material management modules. The best vendors can be determined by automatically analysing the quotations received from various vendors. With a built-in vendor portal, construction firms can manage vendors easily and resolve disputes in a more organised manner.

You may be a big company or a growing business with challenging projects, rushing into automation may not do any good. ERP for constructions differs as per business needs. Whether you are a general building construction company, an engineering construction business or civil engineering service provider, your company’s growth needs a patiently planned and implemented automation process to succeed in the competitive market.


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