5 Factors to Consider When Starting Your EPC Project

For EPC project companies, there is lot more to project management than just pitching and winning projects. When contractors think about new projects, they have to start with an effectively prepared project estimate. They have to plan thoroughly to come up with a project cost that’s viable to them. No doubt, today’s businesses use ERP […]

How to get the most out of your Best Construction Management Software?

So, you’ve got the best construction management software. That’s great! But are you getting the most out of it by bridging the digital gap in your organisation. If you are not sure, then read on to find out how you can plan an effective digital transformation for your business. Don’t micromanage your people When your […]

ERP Software For Finance & Accounts Vs Accounting Software

ERP Software For Finance & Accounts Vs Accounting Software   Times have changed and business automation is welcomed by companies who want to be one step ahead of the competition. For managing finances, there are several solutions available in the market but ERP Software for finance & accounts presents a wider scope for improving efficiency […]

Feel empowered with an integrated ERP for contractors

Contractors fulfil the greater responsibility of building the infrastructure and fulfilling the various demands of retail, commercial and industrial sectors. Be it general contractors or the ones dealing with mechanical, electrical, plumbing and other contract-based work, an ERP for contractors will lead to better co-ordination and increased transparency among the various stakeholders of a project. […]

4 Business Functions Become More Efficient With ERP Solution ForConstructions

Every construction project comes with a specific budget. To ensure the project is within the budget, you need to prepare an estimate of costs that are involved in the project. ERP for constructions empowers businesses with the systematic project costing, ongoing cost management, performance tracking and vendor management. An ERP solution for the construction industry […]

Automating Purchase Management with ERP for constructions

In the fast-paced, globalised world of today, you need a solution such as ERP for constructions to take care of your purchase management. Slow purchase order processes can affect your business and impact your profitability. Let’s take a closer look at how purchase management works in the construction industry and the ways purchase automation can […]

Utilise the Best Construction Management Software for your business to grab the growth opportunities in the construction industry

Today, every business is data-driven. Are you ready with an automated workflow to take advantage of the enormous data your business is generating? Several businesses are already ahead of their competitors by implementing the best construction management software suitable for their organisation. The construction industry is diverse with several verticals.  The key areas that operate […]

Improve labour productivity with ERP for constructions

In the construction industry, businesses can save millions or even billions by reducing inefficiencies related to labour. Systematic planning and management of labour through an intelligent ERP for constructions can be a suitable remedy for improving labour productivity. Impact of poor labour productivity Engineering, Procurement, and construction (EPC) contractors and construction companies require labour services […]