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ERP for Construction & Infrastructure

Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Complete ERP Solution ERP Software for Construction helps you define your products/units according to market demand. Manage property sale inventory and prices, manage leads, close sales, automate process of due amount letters and reminders, accounting effect for interest posting, manage property handover and maintenance work .Integrate Purchase, Stores & warehouses, Project sites , Sales offices & Head office.

Construction industry is a rigorous process and involves myriad of steps. Huge projects comes with deadlines, and to complete construction before deadline is a tedious task. Construction industry deals with multiple project simultaneously. Often so, multiple projects can belong to different parts of state or country. A industry so huge and stretched so far across the country, it is impossible to stay focused on every site. Procurement of raw material, labour count, and other requirements plays a key role in construction industry.

Modern problems require modern solutions. To manage operations and tasks, ERP software for construction industry is the best pick of solution. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. The ERP software for construction industry meticulously utilizes all the resources in the industry making the workflow smooth. All the operations are controlled and monitored in construction ERP. ERP software creates a system-wide network of departments and divisions to make exchange of information seamless. This enables the industry to access information at any instance without geographical conditions posing a barrier.

Financial Mangement

Manage product pricing and terms – construction linked, time based etc., effectively manage price escalations or de-escalations.

Automate process of installments, due amount letters, reminders.

Auto or semi-auto or manual posting of interest as per terms specific to a contract or as a standard company policy.

Monitor project execution on real-time basis and manage Budgets v/s actual at project and activity level for all resources.

Fund request from Site and Fund Transfer & Site wise Event & Incident reporting

Document Management– Manage property handover process with on-line documents maintenance to ensure compliance.

Erp For Constructions


Achieve financial control and invest more in your business doing more projects.

Contract management and change orders

Work Breakup Structure (WBS) : Planning & scheduling of Material, Services & Resources at project and activity level for Cost control.

Sub Contractors work assigned, approved and Running bills: Generate project wise activity wise work done, billing and earnings and collections by project contracts & rates, BOQs, project execution and accounts

Sales Management and CRM

Solution for managing Sales enquiries, Prospect; track sales at all levels

Allocate calls to respective sales or customer relationship management or service executive and departments

Define relationships and financial terms with brokers, dealers, etc. and pass sales commission

ERP for Construction Industry

Anyone who has worked in the construction sector for a long time are aware of the difficulties that come with a limited budget and a set deadline. Unexpected events, on the other hand, frequently occur, throwing existing plans out the window and prompting workers to create a new timeline and margins for the project. Construction businesses need to know that their ERP software can be relied on to bring their project back on track when efficiency is at risk. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a business management software solution that enables a company or industry to manage and implement its main business activities. An ERP system can help an organization’s productivity by integrating and automating business activities. Recently, there is a lot of ERP software on the market, and as we all know, every software is different, and many software provide a lot of features. Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Complete ERP Solution construction management software, for example, delivers strong analytics using data from several sites to manage your business.

An ERP for the construction sector is a way to keep track of ongoing costs that aren’t shown on the daily balance sheet, such as subcontractors, building supplies, human resources, plant and assets, and other resources. Construction ERP ultimately gives you the precision, control, and visibility to know whether the project will turn a profit or a loss.

Managers and clients have access to Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Complete ERP Solution Construction ERP software, which they use to analyze a project’s progress and deliver up-to-date and projected information on the project’s financial state. Additionally, you should make the data visible to your on-site supervisors so they can act quickly as necessary. To keep track of daily cash flow, identify potential issues early, and serve as the foundation for precise and detailed financial reporting, the financial model is completely auditable and open to deeper inspection and analysis.

Benefits of Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Complete ERP Solution Construction ERP Software

Companies in the construction and construction-related industries must be able to demonstrate their worth in a competitive and tough market climate where the efficient use of resources and a high degree of project management flexibility are critical. Contractors need innovative business solutions to help them simplify complicated and distinctive building processes due to intense national and international rivalry, rising administrative requirements, and a tremendous demand to innovate. Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Complete ERP Solution ERP software includes a number of integrated solutions that help with all parts of the construction industry, including planning, project management, and cost and revenue estimation. The key advantages of Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Complete ERP Solution ERP software in the construction business are as follows.

Sales, material management, tenders, buy management, general contractors, and many more industries have bespoke Construction ERP Software. Construction ERP Software is a cutting-edge technology that streamlines all accounting, payroll, purchase, and inventory management functions for the construction industry into a single database, taking care of all business needs by reducing paperwork and increasing productivity of the workforce. The construction sector’s ERP software keeps track of all the relevant data or information pertaining to projects, profitability, conversion, and revenue creation.

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Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Complete ERP Solution provides best Construction ERP software which is fully, integrated enterprise resource planning system designed specifically for the needs of construction and manufacturing businesses. General contractor and subcontractor management, financial management, buy management; HR & Payroll, construction accounting, Store & Inventory management, and service operations are all managed in one central database using Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Complete ERP Solution construction software. Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Complete ERP Solution ERP assists contractors and builders with their individual business need in order to boost business performance and productivity.

Construction ERP software is a customized enterprise resource planning system designed specifically for the demands of the construction industry. In one single database, these systems should manage general contractors, subcontractors, financial management, construction accounting, payroll, and service operations.

Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Complete ERP Solution Construction ERP software, or construction ERP Software Solutions, is short for construction enterprise resource planning software. It is a single, integrated solution that blends advanced enterprise technologies with decades of building industry experience. Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Complete ERP Solution develops Construction Accounting and Service Management Software and services that help commercial and industrial construction, engineering, and field service organizations increase productivity and overall performance.

Companies with diverse activities that self-perform their tasks make up the majority of Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Complete ERP Solution customer base. Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Complete ERP Solution construction software, whether hosted in the cloud or installed on your premises, is uniquely prepared to manage different company and business line structures. Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Complete ERP Solution has secured its place as an industry leader with proven business processes, cutting-edge technology, and a focus on long-term relationships.

Planning Efficiency

Improper planning in the context of a construction company leads to inadequate project completion and potentially the company’s demise. Contractors can lose a lot of money in the form of labour costs and clientele if they don’t meet their deadlines. Delays in project delivery caused by a lack of preparation also reflect adversely on the company’s reputation. The correct channeling of resources necessitates planning for the raw materials necessary, effective labour usage, architectural design, and timetables.

Construction ERP software can be used to provide provisions for budgetary allocation and expense control. It also aids in the avoidance of unneeded downtime and contractual concerns with clients over the project’s duration.

Project management should be improved

In the construction industry, distributing tasks and tracking project progress across multiple work locations has always been difficult. Construction managers can quickly track the status of numerous activities using an ERP system. It may track the progress of each project, set milestones, assign tasks to the appropriate people, and perform other tasks. Contractors may track how much time each employee spends on each activity using real-time data, making it easier to bill clients.

Internal communication should be improved

In the construction sector, effective communication is critical to project success. However, one of the most prevalent issues faced by construction organizations is maintaining excellent communication among divisions. Disconnections between departments can cause delays in operations and business processing, putting project deadlines at risk.

Employees can communicate more efficiently with the Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Complete ERP Solution Construction ERP system’s built-in chat forums and video features. You will be able to boost internal communication in your company in ways you never imagined possible. Employees will be able to have group discussions using the chat forum, interacting with each other on the project. As a result, everyone will be able to stay up to date, participate in the discourse, and receive useful information without delay.

Features on mobile phones

Everybody has a cellphone. In addition, several businesses use mobile devices in their operations to speed up company procedures. Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Complete ERP Solution includes an ERP system for the construction sector, as well as the ability to use mobile devices in your firm.

Construction ERP Software includes a one-of-a-kind SMS alert feature. For marketing purposes, you can use this functionality to send bulk SMS to your customers or prospects. With a single press of a button, you might reach a large number of people. Employees, on the other hand, will be able to provide executives and management with project updates promptly, even from the project site, because the system can be accessible from anywhere at any time.

Cost Prediction

The use of construction ERP software can streamline your operations and lower your technical costs. ERP for the construction sector is very useful in forecasting project costs to schedule upcoming work in accordance with the budget. Some contract-based construction companies offer bids on their projects prior to receiving a tender in order to provide a more accurate cost estimate.

Project Monitoring in Real Time

The cutting-edge ERP software for construction enables the construction head to monitor ongoing project progress and take required action in case of any deviation by providing trustworthy analytical reports based on real-time data. Therefore, a construction ERP software aids in lowering risk, wasting less time, and increasing job productivity.




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Best Erp Software For Contractors In India
Sayyid Khalid Bin Hamed Bin Saif Al Basaidi Founder and Chairman of the Al Naba Group of Companies, Muscat, Oman.

Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd is not a vendor but our family member.

Best Erp Software For Contractors In India
Swanand Kulkarni Director, Rudranee Infrastructure Ltd. Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

We have successfully implemented OMNI ERP software of Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd. at our organization. Team Aspirtek has been very friendly throughout the training process. They are always available for any problem.

Erp For Construction
Nisarg Thakkar Director, Trupti Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. Mumbai.

We are happy to state that OMNI Contractor ERP has been successfully implemented and our users are getting the desired results. We appreciate Aspirtek’s flexibility in implementing customizations for us and that management is approachable.

Erp For Construction
Vijay Lal Partner, Aakash Group Mumbai.

We are extremely satisfied with the performance of OMNI Project Management ERP. It has helped us in saving project cost and execution time. We are receiving excellent customer support. In our opinion it is the best software solution for Contractors.


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Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd

Head Office: Mumbai, India

802, SIGMA IT Park, Plot No.203,204 MIDC Rabale,
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Marketing Office: Thane, India
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