How To Find The Best Software For EPC Contractors?

Have you been looking for the Best Software for EPC Contractor to ensure fulfilment of On Time and Profitable EPC Projects? Then, you should be looking at software solutions that can give you benefits both at organisational level as well as project level.


As you do not want to use separate software for managing your contract projects and for managing your organisation’s workflow. The whole aim of getting an ERP solution is to integrate all the processes without having to struggle with the usage of numerous software.



Considering an ERP solution for automation? Here are a few things to think about:



Find out the cost savings that you can expect after implementation of ERP for Contractors. India’s businesses look for solutions that can help manage cash expenses as per current tax laws. Look for software that help you factor in the cash expenses accurately.


Also, look at features that can significantly improve your response time to client queries with the help of automated processes.



Specific Features For Engineering, Procurement & Construction Industry


In the Engineering, Procurement & Construction Industry, you should look for the following capabilities:




Which ERP solution in India is ideal for EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contractors?


From the pool of software solutions available in the market, you need to find a suitable ERP for contractor. India is a booming economy and software companies have flooded the market with different kinds of automation solutions. Some may offer an integrated solution and some may provide semi-automated solutions.


Semi-automated solutions may involve manual entries and might not be useful in the long run. A comprehensive ERP solution such as OMNI ERP can be a good investment as it comes with flexible modules and offers personalisation features.


How an ERP for EPC Works?

The latest ERP for EPC are cloud-based solutions specifically designed by engineering software solution providers as per the requirement and workflow of the EPC sector.


Core Modules for EPC ERP


Currently, you may be using a document management software such as Microsoft Word along with PDF software. For project management, you may have purchased an Engineering & Commissioning Software along with a cost control software. Additionally, you may have other Microsoft Office software, Tally, some procurement software and more.


Use of multiple software isn’t effective in running smooth operations and also, consume additional time and efforts due to manual actions.


With a single EPC ERP such as OMNI ERP, you will be able to manage projects, contracts, HR, resources, tenders, finance, payroll and more. All the functionalities offered by multiple software are offered to you in the form of modules. You can customise as well as personalise the modules as required. Because modern ERP solutions are cloud-based, you’ll be able to access all your files securely from any place, at any time.


Users who are admins can control access of other users who are using the company’s chosen ERP software for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) industry.


Empower your organisation with integration and customization of a comprehensive ERP software for EPC work automation. OMNI ERP is a preferred ERP solution for the EPC industry by many businesses. To learn more, visit ______ or contact _______