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Our Channel partners work with us in a sales, marketing & services role. They interact with their audience on an ongoing basis and wish to provide appropriate software and technology recommendations to them. We work diligently with our channel partners to ensure that their audience and clients benefit from leveraging OMNI Construction ERP platform from Aspirtek. The OMNI Construction ERP platform is a perfect complement for channel partners who either provide software or services surrounding Project Management, Accounting/ERP, Workforce management, HR or CRM in verticals as diverse as Construction, Real Estate, Contract Manufacturing, Fabrication, Manpower Service etc.

The following provides an overview of our channel program. Please contact us for additional information, we always look forward to discuss potential partnering opportunities.

Marketing Partner

  • Markets Software
  • Generate Leads

Business Partner

  • Markets Software
  • Generate Leads
  • Closes Sales
  • Invoicing and Collection

Implementation Partner

  • Markets Software
  • Generate Leads
  • Closes Sales
  • Invoicing and Collection
  • Implementation
  • User Training
  • Annual Maintenance

Marketing Partners

This program is ideal for partners with marketing expertise and the ability to provide their audience with reviews and recommendations of technology products. Marketing partners market their knowledge, provide information and make recommendations to their audience concerning technology solutions and generate leads interested in the OMNI ERP Platform and leave the rest to us. Aspirtek handles the sale, delivery, support, billing and collection processes. Marketing partners can earn one of the most lucrative referral commissions in the industry.

Features & Benefits:

1. Earn one of the most lucrative referral commissions in the industry.

2. No delivery, technical support, billing or collection responsibility.

3. No cost or ongoing requirements.

4. Aspirtek to provide pre-sales support and resources.

Business Partners

Business Partners serve as trusted business and technology advisors to their customers and recommend the OMNI ERP platform whenever appropriate. VARs, Solution Providers, Resellers, and IT consultants work with Aspirtek to provide customers with award winning solutions. Business Partners focus on their main practice, but are more engaged in terms of generating demand for the OMNI ERP Platform and more involved in the sales process. They carry the responsibility of managing the sales cycle and present, sell and close as well present the invoice and collect payment from the customer. The responsibility of implementing, supporting and servicing the customer lies with Aspirtek.

Features & Benefits:
1. Earn one of the most competitive compensation packages in the industry, including attractive bonuses.2. No responsibility for implementation and technical support.3. Training on product knowledge, usage scenarios, custom co-branded marketing materials, whitepapers, demos, video training, and much more will be provided.

4. Visibility into the sales process.

Implementation Partners

An OMNI ERP Implementation Partner means your firm is adding the OMNI ERP solution to your practice. You will create demand for and sell the OMNI ERP solution as well as have technically trained staff to implement and support these solutions. Implementation partners are provided with high margins and also drive implementation, support and customization revenue.

All Implementation partners are by invitation only and must be an existing Business Partner before considering developing an OMNI ERP practice.