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Project Management ERP – Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Complete ERP Solutiona

Project management module facilitates the industry in managing the projects, and their details. Project management includes managing raw material, accounting for requirements, and tracking project status. Every detail relevant to project in stored in records that are kept in project management module of Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Project Management ERP. Documents, spreadsheets, drawing, & photos are also stored in project management module. ERP for project management completely automates the activities of project management module so that operations are complete with human intervention. This makes this module a perfect digital solution to integrate in ERP system.

The Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Project Management ERP Project Management Application simplifies the complex web of tasks and challenges associated with project administration and tracking capital equipment projects, site project execution and billing. Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Project Management ERP offers comprehensive support for all stages of a project—from initiation, planning and quoting, to project exception and completion.The Project Management solution is embedded in the Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Project Management ERP with links to Financials, Budgeting, Purchasing, Inventory, Sales Billing and Time & Attendance; integrating all areas of a project together in a concise way. Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Project Management ERP software for project management aids various industries including civil industry, construction and infrastructure industry, and engineering and project fabrication industry.

Assign Labour & Resources

Links with the Time and Attendance and Subcontracting module allow you to assigning and reporting labor & contractor services to each task, ensuring all manpower and services is accounted for.

Multi-Level Tasking

Supports multi-level task assignments with financial effect for detail tracking.

Project Cost Activity

Quickly analyze costs and profitability of any activity and other equipment with up-to-date financial activity against a project including standard vs. actual costs, projected and actual profit margin, AP/AR, and labor usage with drill down capability for details.


Concise reporting lists all project tasks, their statuses and costs on a single screen.

Project cloning

Project cloning of existing projects saves time and reduces errors when setting up like projects.

Track any Type of Project

User defined tasks and project templates allow for detail project tracking for any type of project (EPC, Civil or any Services)

Commercial cycle

linking from quote creation through Work order completion and billing.

Project History

Project archives allow for a complete historical record of the project to be maintained.

Consume Inventory

Embedded links with the EnterpriseIQ Inventory Software module can be assigned to projects and consumed from inventory as the project progresses.

Project Management Erp
Proven Track Record

Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Project Management ERP delivery track record is impeccable and this significantly differentiates it from its competitors.

Industry Specific Solution:

Application is highly customized to specific requirements of different industries

Result Oriented Delivery:

Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Project Management ERP delivers faster with better mapping due to industry experience and proven methodology

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership:

Optimum use of resources in onsite-offsite model to keep the TCO low.

Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Project Management ERP

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP solution providers in india is a backbone to all the operations in industries. Industries has myriad of intricate operations and processes that needs to be taken care of. ERP software meticulously utilizes all the resources in the industry to ensure that these operations are executed successfully and keeps the workflow smoother. ERP software aces in creating a smooth chain of operations that are needed in modern industries.

Digitalization is taking over all the industries, and to tackle these digital challenges, industries needs a robust digital solution. ERP software is the perfect solution for these digital challenges. ERP software for manufacturing industry, ERP software for steel industry, ERP software for plastic industry, and ERP software for construction industry are some of the mainstream ERP software. Catering to modern requirements of industry is the sole purpose of implementing best ERP system in india in your industry or business.

Enterprise Resource Planning software heavily relies on its modules. Various modules like finance and accounts, inventory management, project management, production planning, and supple chain management makes the best ERP solution in India work. These modules are interconnected with each other forming network of departments and divisions. All the information and data are stored centrally on server so that access to information and data can be granted instantly. This is the reason Best ERP for Industry is necessary for the industries.


Control your bottom line and prepare for change in the future with Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd – Project Management ERP financial management and accounting system. covers financial, personnel, cost and budget accounting, commitments, and fixed assets. In addition, it easily handles transfers from one country to another, and between subsidiaries and your headquarters. The flexible accounting structure (multi-ledger and multi-chart of accounts) promotes a real-time global vision while accommodating local operational requirements. Key capabilities include: General ledger with multiple charts of accounts,Accounts payable, accounts receivable,Cash flow management,Bank management,Cost and analytical accounting, Expenditures Budget and commitments,Fixed asset management

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Planning Efficiency

Improper planning in the context of a construction company leads to inadequate project completion and potentially the company’s demise. Contractors can lose a lot of money in the form of labour costs and clientele if they don’t meet their deadlines. Delays in project delivery caused by a lack of preparation also reflect adversely on the company’s reputation. The correct channeling of resources necessitates planning for the raw materials necessary, effective labour usage, architectural design, and timetables.

Construction ERP software can be used to provide provisions for budgetary allocation and expense control. It also aids in the avoidance of unneeded downtime and contractual concerns with clients over the project’s duration.

Project management should be improved

In the construction industry, distributing tasks and tracking project progress across multiple work locations has always been difficult. Construction managers can quickly track the status of numerous activities using an ERP system. It may track the progress of each project, set milestones, assign tasks to the appropriate people, and perform other tasks. Contractors may track how much time each employee spends on each activity using real-time data, making it easier to bill clients.




We focus exclusively on Project Management. If your business revolves around Project Execution. You need an OMNI ERP system.

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Most ERP systems require “Business-Process-ReEngineering”, but OMNI ERP Solution works with your own process not ours. If you are tired of endless rounds of Process Improvement, then you need OMNI ERP system.

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We offer SaaS because it’s a great fit for many people, but we know a hosted or on- premise solution works better for some. We are the only vendor to offer all three options; SaaS, Hosted or On-Premise.



We make it easy to start, with rapid implementation cycles and “AS-IS” deployments, be ready in months not in years.


Best Erp Software For Contractors In India
Sayyid Khalid Bin Hamed Bin Saif Al Basaidi Founder and Chairman of the Al Naba Group of Companies, Muscat, Oman.

Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd is not a vendor but our family member.

Best Erp Software For Contractors In India
Swanand Kulkarni Director, Rudranee Infrastructure Ltd. Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

We have successfully implemented OMNI ERP software of Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd. at our organization. Team Aspirtek has been very friendly throughout the training process. They are always available for any problem.

Erp For Construction
Nisarg Thakkar Director, Trupti Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. Mumbai.

We are happy to state that OMNI Contractor ERP has been successfully implemented and our users are getting the desired results. We appreciate Aspirtek’s flexibility in implementing customizations for us and that management is approachable.

Erp For Construction
Vijay Lal Partner, Aakash Group Mumbai.

We are extremely satisfied with the performance of OMNI Project Management ERP. It has helped us in saving project cost and execution time. We are receiving excellent customer support. In our opinion it is the best software solution for Contractors.


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Contact Information

Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd

Head Office: Mumbai, India

802, SIGMA IT Park, Plot No.203,204 MIDC Rabale,
Near Rabale Railway Station,
Navi Mumbai, Pin 400701

Marketing Office: Thane, India
Pokhran Road No 2,
Near Upavan Lake,
Thane West, Pin: 400610