#1 ERP for Contractors


Best Practices of Training Methodology

We follow the below 5 best practices to effectively implement ERP training.

  1. High Priority to Training: End user training is given high priority from the beginning ERP implementation to make them more productive.
  2. Blended Training Methods: Blending classroom training and on-line training yields good training results. This approach is engaging and more effective.
  3. Training before Go-Live: User training is done well in advance before Go-Live. First the ERP champions and functional heads are trained followed by their respective end users.
  4. Role based Training: The end users from different departments like tendering, projects, purchase, finance etc have different roles. We train them only on the modules relevant to their roles.
  5. Hands-on Training: We not only show the end users how to use the software, but also give them a chance to try out the ERP software and get acquainted with all the functionalities.