Why use Cloud-based Project Management Software?

Have you been searching for the best ERP software for project-based business needs? In your search, you may have come across cloud-based software and standard software with several features. Let’s find out why cloud-based software is better and cost-effective for your long-term business needs.


Difference between cloud-based and other standard software

You definitely wish to have robust software with several features to align your processes. Standard project management software and cloud-based ERP for projects both come with an array of features to manage documents, attendance, HR, finance and more. But the key difference is the flexibility to access all the data and resources that you need from any place at any time. The cloud-based ERP platform users can work from anywhere by using their smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Yes, that’s right, cloud computing technology used by cloud-based software stores all the files in a single location using a cloud server that gives the freedom to immediately access files without waiting for someone to send it to you. Be it project updates or training of new employees, just update every piece of information on the cloud and all the authorised users will get immediate access to information that they are seeking in real-time by using a laptop, smartphone or tablet with an active internet connection.

Anywhere, anytime access through any devices enables cloud-based project management software users to work with more comfort in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) offices. There is a dual benefit of using a cloud-based software. The company doesn’t have to invest in high-end devices for employees as employees can comfortably use their own devices to work which generally have the latest features. Senior management can review the progress of their projects in different cities within the country or outside the country at any time.

Employees who leave the company tend to copy and carry all the company data from their local hard drives along with them. This action has been a matter of concern for several companies. Because the cloud-based software stores data and files in a secure cloud storage system, there’s no need for employees to copy files to external devices or store critical data on their computers. Whatever data they need can be accessed from a centralized storage system eliminating the need for copying data for office use.

Bigger the organisation bigger is the data pool that needs to be secure. Cloud-based project management platform also helps you to immediately restrict and remove the access of employees who leave their jobs. Data security is a major issue in most companies. In most organisations, to prevent data security incidents, 24×7 monitoring is enabled by the IT teams. In case of an unauthorised access or malicious activity detection, the access of all suspicious employees can be immediately restricted by the organization with the help of a cloud-based software.


Save time and money with cloud-based ERP platforms

When you install standard project management software, you need to get the necessary IT infrastructure and IT staff to maintain the systems. You may lose time on solving tech issues. Time is also lost when the standard software is capable of solving only half the business challenges faced by you. To tackle the other business challenges, you may use manual workflows or additional software. More resources will consume more funds that can be used for more meaningful tasks.

Let’s take the case of cloud-based ERP for project-based businesses. Mumbai is the financial capital of India where many organisations have their head offices. With a cloud-based software for managing projects, several businesses have cut down the time lost in running operations that can be automated. Flexible modules of ERP software such as OMNI ERP can be easily customised to meet the specific needs of the business. Business branding can also be achieved using flexible ERP platforms.

Imagine the frustration when you have to incur the expense of software upgrades every year. Another advantage of using ERP software is the cost-benefit from automated upgrades. Well-designed ERP software is usually scalable to meet the needs of a growing business. Customised ERP software is built to align the software’s capabilities with the long-term growth objectives of the organisation.

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