Why you should conduct end-user training even if you have the best software for contractors?

Progressive businesses implement the best software for contractors but are the users ready for the change in their infrastructure. The change can impact your business in many ways. To make the most of an ERP software, user training is essential.

Let’s discuss about the need for ERP and the importance of user training for ERP-powered businesses.


Changing the work culture with automation

An ERP implementation doesn’t take place in an organisation without a reason. The business leaders in a company identify the inefficiencies in their workflow which affects the organisation in many ways.


To transform the chaotic work culture and processes, the decision-makers put an ERP in place. The ERP is supposed to solve and take care of most of the problems mentioned earlier.

But what happens when the users don’t know how to use the ERP to its maximum potential. The desired efficiency will not be achieved. It is as simple as giving a smartphone to someone who doesn’t know how to use it.

The struggle to utilise a new technology without adequate training leads to an unwelcoming response to accepting an advanced technology in the workplace.

The solution for optimised use of an ERP platform is to integrate not just the technology but also the people and the processes. This approach will ensure a smooth flow of information across teams and elimination of earlier processes in a systematic manner.


Introducing ERP to your teams

Implementation of an ERP is performed in phases. Based on the user feedback, the features are fine-tuned for the organisation. An ERP service provider gives an organisation all the ERP related documentation. But how many people are going to read every page of the document?

If you are giving ERP for project-based business to your teams, it is your responsibility to explain the features of the ERP to your team members. Here is what will happen if you do not provide user training:


So, the bottom line is to improve your business performance by supporting your employees with the digital transformation. Give your employees an opportunity to understand the benefits of the changes you are bringing in to your business.


Why training becomes important?

Reputed ERP software companies such as OMNI ERP provide end-user training to their software users. The key aspects of an end-user training programme are:


To avoid any sudden surprises, the end-user training should be ideally offered to employees before the ERP goes live in the organisation.


Different types of user training

Some of the best practices for conducting ERP training in the organisation are given below:

This type of training includes online training modules as well as offline sessions.


Here, the users get hands-on experience to use the ERP software. Experts answer queries about the software in these sessions.


Not all software features are valuable to every team member. Therefore, role-based training is effective for specific teams who handle specific functions. For example, the Finance team receives training on features relevant to their day-to-day activities.



Benefits of user training

User certification gives your business the advantage of having high-skilled employees in using your ERP infrastructure. Here are some other benefits:

OMNI ERP is a high-performance platform that is considered among the best ERP software for contractors. India’s reputed construction companies are already using the flexible modules and user training services offered with OMNI.

User training is provided by the makers of OMNI ERP along with certifications for ERP users.

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